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25 jan 2023


Collaboration with 6 different musicians, artists.  Seven Septet - Jas Kayser x Fred Thomas x Kit Downes x angela wai nok hui x Héloïse Werner x Laura Moody x Colin Alexander.  Final revelation of my heart of 2022. 

improv night at the barbican | 6 Dec 22 

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photo by Emma Werner

(left three)






snare drum 



a night with Décalé and Chinabot

25 Nov 22

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a work about tear gas with hidden keileon, my collective. 

Love them 

love us 


Paradoxical Gasp, 4 live shows in Nov 2022, part of Out of Breath. First sound installation attempt.

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photos by Jane Lam 


collaboration with Julia Novacek, Elischa Kaminer, Artemiy Shokin, Eni Brandner, Lina Schonebeck and Sophie Wenzel.

A work about predictions... more to come 2023 March 


The Melting Ceremony with ARCO | Neil Luck.  I was the Poor Novice.  7 July 22

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photo by Salma Ali


Collaboration with Dimitri Djuric.  spent the high- speed windy af day together.  More to come


Best audience at studiump in Vilnius.  Free 60 mins long improve with Filippos Raskovic.  22 September 22

photo by Ilme Vysniauskaite 

(right three)

The Blue Woman 




Laura Bowler 

Jamie Man 

da best team 

so grateful to be involved in this production. Thanks! 

July 2022 

at the Royal Opera House, London  

September 2022 

at Snape Maltings, Festival of New 

(above and left) 

collaboration with musarc and Forensic Architecture 

Tree Talks at the barbican centre 

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and a lot of wood sounds 

and a waldteufel chorus 

photo by 

Matthew Blunderfield

Collaboration with Jasmin Kent Rodgman and lisaluxx. what the dog said to the harvest. 

I got to be the white french man, playing hammer, nailing the dog .. 

Kings Place.  18 August 22 

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photo by Ssegawa-Ssekintu Kiwanuka

(left four)


Collaboration with Joe Bates

Straight Line Through A Landscape

Colin Alexander 
Pasha Mansurov 
Heather Roche 

LSO st Lukes 

15 June 22 

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photo by Kevin Leighton