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Digital Album w/ Nonclassical 


Let Me Tell You Something is Angela Wai Nok Hui’s debut album.
Since 2019, life has changed for the people of Hong Kong, both at home and around the world.

The album is a musical journal, documenting Hui’s feelings and thoughts on identity, resistance and memory; of growing up in Hong Kong, before moving to the UK as a teenager.
An intimate project, a whisper in listeners’ ears and an invitation into a strange yet beautiful world.

As close friends and collaborators joined Angela on her journey - drinking, laughing and listening together - Let Me Tell You Something was born, an album of connection, belonging and discovery. 

Boomkat Product Review:


"Outstanding debut of intimate, fractious, liminal jazz and avant-classical minimalism from Angela Wai Nok Hui, reflecting on formative years in Hong Kong, and her move to London, with results that work in space between Mark Fell & Rian Treanor’s collab and claire rousay’s barely there enigmas."

"A real one for attentive listeners, ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ is one of the uncanniest debuts we’ve heard in years. Blessed with an extraordinary, curious sound sensitivity..."

Full review link - here

the Quietus Review:


"Percussionist Angela Wai Nok Hui explores the sounds of toy instruments and homesickness in compositions by Timothy Cape, Gregory Emfietzis, Lucy Landymore, Angus Lee, and Jasmin Kent Rodgman."


"Hui’s concept and the compositions are, despite moments of being lost in abstraction, strong enough to keep me listening and to make me listen again..."

Full review link - here

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Words from - Yau Kwok Keung | Let Me Tell You Something designer

"... A house was used as a representation of the visual identity of the music performance, adopted to the poster, postcard, program note and cassette album design. A children drawing like house combined with inconsistent weights shows the confusion of hers, while the green colour block symbolised the glockenspiel that frequently used in her songs and performance, as a metaphor of a door or a window, leading the audiences to experience the chaos and confusion of herself."

Send me an email if you would like one of this LMTYS cassette or player or both.  

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