13 - 15 March  2020

The Vault - Pit 

Freedom Hi as part of the Vault Festival 2020

Artist line up: Bonnie Chan, Ghost Chan, John Chan, Yik Sau Chung, Angela Wai-Nok Hui, Jennifer Lim, Isabella Leung, Daniel York Loh, Shum Pui Yung, Gabby Wong.
Compiled by Kim Pearce for Papergang Theatre
Produced by Clarissa Widya for Papergang Theatre

Angus Lee / Vestigium II (World Premiere) 


10 & 11 March 2020

The Alma Tavern & Theatre, Bristol

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Sisyphus Distressing 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

15 February 2020

LSO St. Lukes

London Symphony Orchestra's Soundhub Scheme (Phase II) 
Alex Ho / In Significance (World Premiere) 

Darren Bloom (conductor)

25 January 2020

LSO St. Lukes

Tangram Ensemble 
Raymond Yiu / Corner of a Foreign Field (World Premiere)
Jasmine Kent Rodgman / Ancient Stone (World Premiere) 
Alex Ho / Say Hi (World Premiere) 


Alex Ho (conductor)

10 January 2020

As Part of Resolution 2020

The Place, London

Collaboration with Ghost & John

Choreography and Performance: Ghost and John

Music, Sound and Performance: Angela Hui Wai Nok

Light Design: Charles Webber

Costume Design: Anders Duckworth

Rehearsal Direction: Jane Chan, Shum Pui Yung


23 November 2019

Huddersfield Town Hall, Huddersfield

Octandre Ensemble 
Frank Denyer / The fish that became the sun (World 

Jon Hargreaves (conductor)
Holly Mathieson (conductor)


15 October 2019

Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Abstruckt Ensemble
Steve Reich / Drumming
David Lang / the so-called laws of nature

Mátyás Wettl / Nocturne (UK Premiere)
Thierry de Mey / Table Music

12 October 2019

EG-1 Project Space, London
Part of "Be Water!" Art Event in Solidarity with Hong Kong

Jessie Marino / Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM

Angela wai nok Hui / A very calm chord (own composition)


28 September & 2 October 2019
Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank London & Bridgewater Hall, Manchester


Steve Reich / Music for Large Ensemble

Charlotte Harding / Samadhi (World Premiere)


20 September 2019
Warsaw Autumn Festival, the National Philharmonic

Plus-Minus Ensemble
Sławomir Wojciechowski / Handmade (World Premiere)
Trond Reinholdtsen / 13 Music Theatre Pieces


17 June 2019

La Biennale di Venezia, Venice 
Trio Abstrakt
Elnaz Seyedi / Fieldsof Time, 2nd Field

6 June 2019
Metapraxis Ensemble

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)
New works from Lucy Callen, Daniel Fígols, Scott Mc Laughlin, and Ruta Vitkauskaite

13 May 2019

Rough for Opera, The Cockpit theatre, London
Alex Mills / A Father is Looking for his Daughter

Chamber opera for soprano, mezzo soprano, cello and percussion (World Premiere)


13 April 2019
Metapraxis Ensemble

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

20 February 2019
Impuls Academy for Contemporary Music, Austria 

Farzia Fallah / disPosition (World Premiere) 

Zhuosheng Jin Pale Flower 1 (World Premiere)
With a general sponsorship from the CIRMMT Foundation

Rebecca Saunders /  fury II (2009)
Peter Rundel (conductor)

19 February 2019 

Impuls Academy for Contemporary Music, Austria 

Michael Maierhof / specific objects, with motors on readymades

Christian Dierstein (conductor)

Bruno Mantovani / Troisième Round

Lars Mlekusch (conductor)

2 February 2019

Hundred Years Gallery, London 

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Winter Journey (World Premiere) 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

Daniel Figols (composer) 

29 January 2019

Borough New Music, London

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Gregory Emfietzis / Gluttony

24 January 2019

Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank London 

London City Orchestra 

Jessie Marino / Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM (UK Premiere)

24 November 2018
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, UK

Explore Ensemble & EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble
Salvatore Sciarrino / Carnaval (UK Premiere)
James Weeks (conductor)

15 November 2018

Voila Europe Theatre Festival, London 
Sisyphus Distressing 

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

6 November 2018

Cafe Oto, London 
Kammer Klang 

Abstruckt Ensemble 

Nemanja Radivojevic / Rolling Into Alvin’s Silver Streetcar (World premiere, commissioned by Kammer Klang)

1 September 2018

Ensemble Linea Contemporary Music Academy, France

Philippe Leroux / AAA

Pierre Boulez / Le Marteau sans maître

Léo Warynski (conductor) 

26 July 2018

Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Germany 

Darmstadt Percussion Studio - Natural Theatre

Diana Syrse / The Wilderness Within (World Premiere) 
Eber García Condes / Three movements at the street (World Premiere) 
Dakota Wayne / Leveling (World

20 July 2018

Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Germany 

Darmstadt Percussion Studio 

Thomas Meadowcroft / The Great Knot

19 July 2018

Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik, Germany

Speak Percussion & Darmstadt Percussion Studio

Liza LimAtlas of the Sky (Europe Premiere) 

4 July 2018

Cafe Oto, London 
Sisyphus Distressing 2

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

17 June 2018 

The Print Room, London

Octandre Ensemble 

Frank Denyer / Hanged Fiddler

Frank Denyer / After the Rain

Frank Denyer / Two Voices and Axe

Frank Denyer / Screens (World Premiere) 

Jon Hargreaves (condutor) 

2 June 2018

Tai Pei Zhongshan Hall, Taiwan

Hsin's Percussion Recital in partnership with Taipei Chinese Orchestra 

Tomer Yariv / Gyro

Jacob ter Veldhuis / Goldrush

19 April 2018

Sonorities Contemporary Music Festival, Belfast

Mani Mani #2

Installations & live performance

Inspired by Pierluigi Billone / Mani Gonxha

Yi Ling Wo (artist & performer)

4 April 2018

St David's Hall, Cardiff

Abstruckt Ensemble

Elliot Cole / Postludes for bowed vibraphone

Freya Waley-Cohen / Glass

Steve Reich / Mallet Quartet 

27 March 2018

Blue Elephant Theatre, London 

Sisyphus Distressing

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

7 November 2017

Sisyphus Distressing

Metapraxis Ensemble 

Gregory Emfietzis (composer & director)

1- 3 July 2017

Hundred Years Gallery, London 

3 days residency with artist, Yi Ling Wo 

Mani Mani #1 

Visuals, painting & live performance

4 April 2017

Cafe Oto, London

Kammer Klang 

Mark Applebaum / Aphasia 

17 March 2017
London Bridge, London

Destination Unknown part 1.0 

18 February 2017

Hackney Wick, London 

Spice Box #3 - Valentine's Spice

3 September 2016

Sha Tin Town Hall Auditorium, Hong Kong 

Hong Kong  Young Musicians' Wind Orchestra

Avner Dorman / Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! Percussion Duo Concerto

Tsan Lam (conductor)

19 May 2016

Royal College of Music, Britten Theatre

Tête à Tête / Crime and Punishment - Opera Production

07 April 2016

BBC Maida Vale Studios

BBC Symphony  Orchestra

Franck Ollu (conductor)

9 March 2016 

Royal College of Music, Concert Hall

Steve Reich / Quartet for two vibraphones and two pianos 

22 August 2015

Splendor Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chamber Music Academy 'The Listening Eye' with Nebojsa Zivkovic

20 August 2015
Splendor Amsterdam, Netherlands

Chamber Music Academy ' Old Amsterdam' with Theador Milkov



19 March  -  Mahogany Opera Group @ Various Stages Rum Passion workshop

27 & 28 March 20   -   Metapraxis Ensemble / Sisyphus  @ Clapham Theatre

11 April 20  -  Abstruckt Ensemble @ Royal Albert Hall

30 April 20  -  Collaboration with Nicholas Moroz @ The Art of Noises night , Modern Art Oxford 

5 May 20  -  Opening The Plug Festival with Calum Huggan @ Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow