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Angela often premieres pieces by various composer and performs with ensembles and orchestras of different genres.




Angus Lee / Vestigium II (World Premiere, commissioned by Angela wai nok Hui)

Alex Ho / In Significance (World Premiere) 

Alex Ho / Say Hi (World Premiere) 

Raymond Yiu / Corner of a Foreign Field (World Premiere)

Jasmine Kent Rodgman / Ancient Stone (World Premiere) 

Frank Denyer / The fish that became the sun (World Premiere)

Frank Denyer / Screens (World Premiere) 

Mátyás Wettl / Nocturne (UK Premiere)

Charlotte Harding / Samadhi (World Premiere)

Sławomir Wojciechowski / Handmade (World Premiere)

Alex Mills / A Father is Looking for his Daughter (World Premiere)

Farzia Fallah / disPosition (World Premiere) 

Zhuosheng Jin Pale Flower 1 (World Premiere)

Winter Journey (World Premiere) 

Jessie Marino / Ritual I :: Commitment :: BiiM (UK Premiere)

Salvatore Sciarrino / Carnaval (UK Premiere)

Nemanja Radivojevic / Rolling Into Alvin’s Silver Streetcar (World premiere, commissioned by Kammer Klang)

Diana Syrse / The Wilderness Within (World Premiere) 

Eber García Condes / Three movements at the street (World Premiere) 

Dakota Wayne / Leveling (World Premiere) 

Liza Lim / Atlas of the Sky (Europe Premiere) 

Avner Dorman / Spices, Perfumes, Toxins! Percussion Duo Concerto (Asia Premiere) 



  • Lso - Alex (have youtube link) 

  • tangram - st lukes (have youtube link for Raymond Yiu and Jasmin Rodgman) 

  • Abstract (photos and light piece video) 

(world Premiere at KK, Nemanja Radivojevic) 

  • Metapraxis Ensemble (have youtube link trailer) 

  • Explore ensemble (photos) 

  • Liza Lim - speak percussion 

  • Trio Abstrakt at La Biennale di Venezia (photos and Sound Cloud) 

  • riot ensemble recording sesh 

  • Plus-Minus Ensemble in Poland Warsaw Autumn Festival (world Premiere) 

  • Explore Ensemble and EXAUDI vocal Ensemble at Huddersfield festival 

  • Octandre Ensemble in huddersfield and nottinghill (photos) 

  • paraorchestra (don’t have anything but it has a world premiere)

  • Rough for Opera (world Premiere Alex Mills - A Father is Looking for his Daughter)  

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